The role of plastic granulator in recycling waste plastic film

The application of plastic pelletizers has brought about changes in agricultural production methods and a leap in agricultural productivity. Agricultural plastic films are widely used as covering materials for solar greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and various plastic arches. The increasing popularity of plastic greenhouses and the increasing maturity of agricultural film covering technologies have caused the number of waste […]

PE, PP waste plastic film recycling, washing and pelletizing production line

PE, PP waste plastic film recycling, washing and pelletizing production line is mainly used to recycle plastic packaging film, agricultural mulch film, greenhouse film PE/PP plastic, PE/PP plastic garbage mixture, waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, domestic garbage plastic, waste Agricultural film mulch. The entire production line can easily clean waste plastic products from the […]

Introduction of Plastic Recycling Granulator

500kg PE Film Washing Line

It is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of recyclable plastics produced in the production of plastic products. Reduce waste in the production process and meet energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. It adopts modular design and is controlled by professional software to ensure a high degree of production safety. The speed can be […]

The hazards of plastic waste

After waste plastic packaging enters the natural environment, it is difficult to degrade, causing long-term and deep-seated ecological and environmental problems. According to surveys, plastics can be found almost anywhere on the surface of the earth, even at the bottom of the deepest ocean, even in the North Pole and Antarctica. Plastics have caused great […]

Introduction of Plastic Film Granulator Machine

Output dimension: 40-60mm (for film)10-12mm (for PE PP bottles/containers)Moisture content: 2-5% (for film)≈2% (for PE PP bottles/containers)Output capacity: 300-1000kg/h (for film)300-3000kg/h (for PE PP bottles/containers) Film recycling line subdivides as followings to deal with different raw materials:1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line3. Waste PE film […]

Pet Bottle Recycling Production Line

Gangsu makes the pvc granulation machine, pvc compounding and granulating machine, pvc cable pellets making machine, soft pvc pellets production machine for shoe soles, rigid pvc granulation machine for pvc pipe, pvc cable material granulation machine, pvc granulating machine. 1.PVC pellets granulation machine include mixing machine, extruder, die face cutting, air blower, transit silo and final storage […]